I was out to check out the latest movie starring comedian Jack Black called GOOSEBUMPS. It is a horror comedy film about a teen boy Zach who moved from New York City to a small town of Madison, Delaware with his widow mother. He met teenage girl neighbor Hannah with a rather unfriendly father and become friends instantly.


One night he saw, Hannah and her dad arguing inside the house and heard screaming afterwards. Thinking that Hannah is in danger, together with his newfound friend at school, Champ, they went inside the house and discovers several Goosebumps manuscripts but all were unlocked. They unlocked The Abomidable Snowman of Pasedena and a Yeti emerges from the book. More books were unlocked after the comfrontation between the two and the Yeti happened. Zach eventually found out that Hannah’s father was R.L. Stine, the writer of all Goosebumps stories.


I won’t go in to more details anymore and just go and watch the movie. Its my first time to write a review about the movie and this is just a review from an ordinary moviegoer. Anyway, I was very entertained with it. It is a perfect mix of horror, comedy, a little doze of “kilig” between Zach (Dylan Minnete) and Hannah (Odeya Rush). Don’t expect so much horror here as it is more of a comedy film.

I also personally like the element of having a possibility of a sequel because of the events happened towards the end of the movie. I would personally recommend watching it with your kids. 🙂